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Rasamani (Parad)


Bhogar, the most known of the 18 siddhars of India made the statue of the famous temple in Palani with a compound of nine herbal poisons called "Navapasanam" which means nine poisons in Tamil.

Navapasanam is the highest achievement in Siddha Medicine a secret know only to the great siddhars and yogis. Navapasanam is the panacea for all diseases.

Like Navapasanam, Rasamani a solidified compound of mercury and rare herbals is a feat only great siddhars can perform. Again, Tamil ancient literature has that it was a child's play for Bhogar. 

Bogar used to travel long distances in seconds by stacking one specially processed rasamani ball known as Gagana Kuligai under his tongue.

Medicinal and Spiritual Benefits of Rasamani

One can get immense benefits by possessing a Rasamani bead. It normalise body heat, regularises the blood pressure, Improves appetite and digestion and assimilation. Tones the  immune system of our body Increases the power of concentration and will power and sharpens the mind.

Rasamani removes all the "Doshas" of Vaastu, drives off all evil spirits and helps one to be more calm and composed. Prolonged use of Rasamani bead along with appropriate mantra helps one to experience bliss by awakening the Kundalini.

Rasamani removes all obstacles related to marriage (Kalastira Doshas).


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